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Holographic telepresence – the early years

Not sure whether you will have seen this, but it’s very interesting indeed. It’s a video hologram of the dead rapper Tupac performing ‘live’ with Snoop Dogg. Beware of the language if this kind of thing offends, but it’s ****ing fantastic. … Continue reading

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Image of the day

Just been cruising around Lynda Gratton’s blog on the future of work and found this gem of a picture. Question is, of course, is this an indication that Apple has peaked and one should sell shares or an indication that … Continue reading

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There’s a good daily stat available from the Harvard Business Review. Here’s one that caught my eye last week. No doubt it will end up in brainmail at some point. “Between 1985 and 2005, the number of Americans who said … Continue reading

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Celebrate Failure

Just been in the car on the way back from a meeting. Listening to Leonard Cohen’s album, Old Ideas, and in particular a line about “a manual for living with defeat.” It reminded me about this, which I wrote for … Continue reading

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Classic counter-trend

          Apparently sales of fountain pens are on the rise. For instance, according to Amazon, sales have doubled this year compared to last and are up 400% on 2010. But why? I suspect the reason is … Continue reading

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Some impacts of ageing on business

              “Over the next couple of decades nothing will impact OECD countries more profoundly than demographic trends.” Jean-Philippe Cotis, Chief Economist at the OECD. We all know the numbers: People over 65 will grow … Continue reading

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Virtual vegetables, time on screen and Call of Duty.

          Some things that I read about last week… 1) 31% of Americans aged over 18 years-of-age spend 5 hours per day on a computer, tablet device or smartphone. 2) Anders Breivik, the man responsible for … Continue reading

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The Prosperity Paradox

              Having just got back from Hong Kong this rings true. Have you noticed how ‘Bling’ is booming in developing countries such as Russia and China whilst at the same time ideas such as … Continue reading

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Some Worrying China Statistics

Some worrying data coming out of China. Electricity output slumped last month, up a mere 0.7% over 2011. State investment in railways is down 44%, road building is down 2.7% and 8 out of the country’s 10 largest ship builders … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

The main lesson of thirty-five years of AI research is that the hard problems are easy and the easy problems are hard. The mental abilities of a four-year-old that we take for granted – recognising a face, lifting a pencil, … Continue reading

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