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Size does matter and small is best

I really must start writing my monthly brainmail newsletter again soon because much of this material is perfect for brainmail. Nevertheless, here’s a little gem that caught my in-box yesterday morning. In an experiment conducted (by teams?) at UCLA and … Continue reading

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Future Vision – first review

The first print review of Future Vision is out and it’s good. Only thing I’d argue with is that I would say it’s written by 1.5 Australians and not just one. “In the year 2040, shops will talk to you … Continue reading

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Future Vision

                          Future Vision was officially launched today in Australia. I blogged the preface a while ago, so here’s a tiny bit more (part of the forward from an … Continue reading

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Culture of extended work hours

Here’s a gem. A study by Mary Noon at the University of Iowa and Jennifer Glass at the University of Texas says that telecommuting allows employers to expand workdays and create an expectation that staff will be available in the … Continue reading

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Space oddity

In my book Future Minds I wrote about how physical spaces can impact our thinking. I used examples ranging from ancient cathedrals to mountains, but the one I like best is about the Earth as seen from the moon. Here’s … Continue reading

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Stat of the week

Getting paid increases the risk of you dying according to study. Classic. You have a slightly higher chance of dying in the days after you get a paycheck, bonus, or Social Security payment, say William N. Evans of the University … Continue reading

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Technology Trends

You’ve possibly never heard of the Churchill Club, but it’s essentially a forum where interesting and influential people say interesting and important things – hopefully. One thing they also do is an annual tech trends debate. This year was the … Continue reading

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Well I thought that I spoke fast but you should see this guy in action. If you click on this link you’ll see an ABC show in Australia about the future of the future. Fast forward to 32 minutes or … Continue reading

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Life in 2023

          Almost map season so I’m looking for … a chemist. I want to do a map based on the periodic table and I need to talk to someone about this. Are there any chemists in … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the world in 2040

For those of you that have missed out on the free e and p copies of Future Vision here is the first bit of some more free bits. About this book People have always been curious about what lies over … Continue reading

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