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Quote of the week

“Never has humanity combined so much power with so much disorder, so much anxiety with so many playthings, so much knowledge with so much uncertainty” – Paul Valery, ‘Historical Fact’ (1932)

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So Facebook has 500m users. Roughly one in twelve people on the planet. Does anyone know the source of this stat? (Facebook I assume).  Just reminds me slightly of the hype around Second Life, when figures like 4m, 6m and … Continue reading

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All About Me

Of the 175,000 blogs that are created every day (Technorati), 50% are about the same subject – the writer.

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Did you know that if you Google ‘Too Much Information’, you get 402,000,000 results? Enough said.

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The Power of Blogging

Several researchers, such as Alice Flaherty, a neuroscientist at Harvard University in the US, have suggested that blogging could have a therapeutic value. It is well known that writing about personal experiences, especially negative thoughts, can have a positive biological … Continue reading

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An e-rosion of empathy?

What will the emerging fields of robotics and artificial intelligence do to our minds? Do you remember the appearance of Tamagotchi toys from Japan over a decade ago? These were the little electronic critters much beloved by small children in … Continue reading

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Quote of the month

I don’t know why I like it but I do… “I used to be disgusted; now I try to be amused.” Elvis Costello

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The Suite Life (Or – how the other half thinks).

I just got upgraded from economy to business on Singapore airlines and it reminds me of an experience a few months ago when I somehow managed to go from business to suites without really asking. In case you are not … Continue reading

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Is the internet really 5,000 days old?

Hello lovely readers. Can I pick your brains? When Kevin Kelly says the internet is 5,000 days old does he mean the web? Is there a significant difference? Nightmare here. I’m in a tower built in 1720 in the middle … Continue reading

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Too many tasks – master of none

A few years ago, Microsoft ran a campaign with the slogan ‘Where do you want to go today?’ But it turned out that this was not a question but an instruction. Sensible answers to the question might have included “Back … Continue reading

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