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More Bad Language

A report by the National Organisation of University Art Schools in Australia says that schools should be teaching ‘visuacy’. The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is similarly focusing on the “outcome” of visuacy being a stand-alone subject for … Continue reading

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Not Thinking

This is a classic. I was on my way to an event in London this morning when I found myself on an escalator behind a woman in her mid-forties. She was wearing a perfume, which reminded me of someone that … Continue reading

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Trends & Technologies for the World in 2020

Getting closer…

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Been having lunch with a couple of the the scenarios team at Shell. Interesting discussion, amongst other things about whether demand for energy could fall in the future due to dematerialization (links with a previous blog post about the story … Continue reading

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Scenarios for the future of education

            I’m speaking at something called BETT in London next week. This is how the organisers describe the event: “Bett is a global community where individuals discover technology for education and lifelong learning. Bett embraces … Continue reading

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Hot heads Vs. Getting Cold Feet

So I’m sitting in my home office freezing my feet off. It was 45 degrees C in Sydney a few days ago, so the image is for anyone down-under wanting to cool off. This has made my mind wander. I … Continue reading

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40 Years of scenario planning

  Busy today, so here’s a picture I took last year at an event celebrating 40 years of scenario planning at Shell. Note: Mostly men! BTW, one thing I did read today* that I liked was a linkage between gym … Continue reading

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Brain Grenades

                    The last truly great essay I found online was years ago and it was “Why the future doesn’t need us” by Bill Joy, but several people have now mentioned this … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

“You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea.” – Picasso

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Looking out of windows

Been on another plane looking out of the window and in France speaking at a sales conference. Cannes not so fun in the wet. Still tearing my hair out with the periodic table. A stat I saw this morning, which … Continue reading

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