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Are you happy yet?

Bit busy today, so here’s a quick quote I picked up at TEDx in Barcelona. It’s a bit LA self-help, but I like it because it reminds me about purpose and passion. “The two most important days in your life … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box

This is fun. In a study of the physical embodiment of metaphors conducted by Angela K.-y. Leung of Singapore Management University, people who literally sat “outside the box”—a box made of cardboard and plastic pipe – produced 32% better answers … Continue reading

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Newsflash – What’s Next 33 is now up

Click here to view (free) issue number 33.

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Not really going anywhere

Almost 50% of people born in the UK live within 5 miles of where they were born. Ref: Financial Times

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A Case for Slow Business

We are killing ourselves, slowly but surely, because we are obsessed with the idea of speed. We need to get more done, we think, and to achieve this goal we need to move faster. It is a need it now, … Continue reading

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Computer addiction

          Cracked it. TEDx is done. It was either the sunshine, the deadline or the Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) that did it. Personally, I’d say it was Welcome to the Machine mixed with some … Continue reading

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Where’s Wally?

  Sorry for the radio silence, but I flew on from KL to Sydney and then lost the means (and then the will) to post. Life as it should be (Sydney, not the missing blog). The water was warm, the … Continue reading

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Emotionally aware machines

      What if the screens that we look at all day could read our faces? I’m not talking about facial recognition, but rather software and devices that can read the mood of individual users or perhaps the mood … Continue reading

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Blade Runner or what?

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Jet Stream of Consciousness

            I got fed up with the weather in England so I’m in Kuala Lumpur. That’s not quite true – I was going there anyway – but the weather was getting me down and it’s … Continue reading

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