Back to the Future

Look what I just found in an office clear out – my brain 15-years ago!
This is an article from BRW (Australia) from 2006. Tempting as it is to throw this away and pretend I never said any of it, how is it looking? 1). Demographics. I’d say pretty good. The 65+ crowd are indeed growing and the mass migrations point is bang on. 2). Sleep. Yes. I seem to remember Ikea in particular taking notice of this back then. 3). Robotics and AI. Ambigous. Was I referring to narrow AI (which we’ve already got in spades) or broad/general AI which we haven’t. Then again I did say 2031. 4). Nano and genetics. Yup. 5). Simplicity. Nope. Not a glimmer. But, again, this is about 2031 remember, so let’s see.

Here we go again?

Wasting time at the hell hole known as Gatwick Airport and reading the New York Times. Not sure which is more of a worry, Donald Trump or the European Central Bank paying banks to take their loans (basically, you pay back less than you borrow, which is a bit like getting a free small car with a large car loan). I see trouble ahead! Also reading about the cooling off of prime real estate in New York and auctions that fail to sell things.

I’m almost certainly reading too much intro this, but the fact that six near identical Ferrari Testarossa’s from the late 1980s and early 1990s were on sale at Bonham’s auction in Paris last month may say something significant about the state of the global economy. The fact that half of them failed to sell may say something too. In short, the bubble seems to be reaching its peak and the top end of this and many other markets may be calming down, which might be a prelude to a crash. Weak signal? Quite possibly.