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2010 Trends Map

It’s getting very close (and very complicated).

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Things that are being killed off by digitalisation

21 Things that are being killed off by digitalisation 1. Memory 2. Privacy 3. Experts 4. Concentration 5. Listening to a whole album 6. Punctuality 7. Telephone directories 8. Cheap watches 9. Letter writing 10. Spelling 11. Printing photographs 12. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia (edit required)

So it seems that wikipedia has lost its mojo; most postings now seem to be headlined with quality caveats that make it feel like they’ve been overrun by a swarm of lawyers. What I’m sure drove it’s appeal in the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

…among your columnist’s acquaintances was a child who had never been outside of Copenhagen and hence burst into tears at the sight of a tray of cress… Future Orientation (Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies) issue #4 2009

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Another Stat

If you use  social networks you are 30% less likely (than a non-user) to know your next-door neighbour. Ref: Pew Research Center/New Scientist (14/11/09)

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I like this statistic too… If current trends hold, China’s urban population will expand from 572 million in 2005 to 926 million in 2025 and hit the one billion mark by 2023. Ref: McKinsey Global Institute

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Quote/Stat of the Week

“The average per-person consumption rate in the first world of metal and oil and natural resources is 32 times that of the developing world. That means that one American is consuming like 32 Kenyans.The problem is not the number of … Continue reading

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It’s Not My Fault

Who says you can’t predict the future: Here’s a passage from the original edition of my book, Future Files, published in 2007 (so written in late 2006). “Transparency and regulation will increase across other areas of financial services, too, which … Continue reading

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New Trends Map for 2010

The map is slowly coming together – and yes I know you can’t read it yet! When it’s almost done I’ll stick a readable version up on beta for comment. Society Zone 1 We not me Expecting less Health & … Continue reading

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What Am I Reading?

This.  Delete: The Value of Forgetting in the Digital Age by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger. Takes the privacy debate to a whole new level.

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