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An anti-men trend?

Not sure if it’s just me, but misandrous attitudes and behaviour seem to be on the rise. A reaction to misogyny? I’m not sure if this is an example or not, but ‘stamped out’ is quite agressive. Imagine, for a … Continue reading

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Human Stupidity

Following my post on declining IQ levels I’m starting a new blog category on observed instances of human stupidity. Here is my entry number 1. Oh, I just noticed, I already have a category called Human Stupidity and I posted … Continue reading

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Looking into the Future

Oh that’s where my crystal ball went…I’ve been looking for it for ages.

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The Future of Pensions

Here are 4 futures for pensions. Key takeaway is that the state will most likely move away from pensions provision and so will employers – which leaves things firmly at the feet of individuals, most of whom seem to ignore … Continue reading

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Trends 10 Years On

Not bad!? High resolution download here. BTW, hello brainmail readers. The response to the deletion of brainmail was so heartfelt that I’m seriously considering carrying on in some form here on the blog.

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Things That Won’t Change

Things do not change, we change. – Henry David Thoreau. We are constantly told that change is the only constant. This is true, up to a point. Things evolve and we flatter ourselves if we think that anything remains static … Continue reading

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Enough already

Seems the BBC is now acting like a tabloid newspaper. How about a bit of proper context and analysis. Enough of this scaremongering. Yes it’s a concern that the US and Russia are led by ultra-nationalists and there are far … Continue reading

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From my archive… July 2012

At the heart of Facebook’s success is a deep and longstanding human desire to connect with other human beings. People like Facebook because it makes finding new friends, or looking up old ones, easy. It’s also a fast and convenient … Continue reading

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Am I the weak signal?

Just about to do a talk on weak signals. But I’ve had a thought. What if I am the weak signal? What if I am the canary in the cage? Looking back at what I’ve written about the economy, Europe, … Continue reading

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Facebook Fatigue

This article is worth 2 minutes of your time. Time Facebook grew up and starting taking some responsibility.Worrying that they are in the orifices (sic) of Cambridge Analytica as I write this. Why?

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