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Global Strategic Trends

GST6 is just out. It’s the best publication of its type and well worth a read. Link to PDF download here.

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Hard not to get angry some mornings… Do you think that maybe, just maybe, there’s a crisis of purpose in the West?

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Never confuse movement with progress

Thanks to Ivona for this (it’s her desk).

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Reminds me of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in 2013 when local officials covered up abandoned shops with posters so that the G8 delegates couldn’t see what was really happening to the town economically. In one former butcher’s shop … Continue reading

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Facebook Fatigue

Sums it up pretty well. The other metaphor I quite like is that it’s like you’ve been going to confession for about ten years and you suddenly find out that everything you said to the priest has been sold on … Continue reading

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An anti-men trend?

Not sure if it’s just me, but misandrous attitudes and behaviour seem to be on the rise. A reaction to misogyny? I’m not sure if this is an example or not, but ‘stamped out’ is quite agressive. Imagine, for a … Continue reading

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Human Stupidity

Following my post on declining IQ levels I’m starting a new blog category on observed instances of human stupidity. Here is my entry number 1. Oh, I just noticed, I already have a category called Human Stupidity and I posted … Continue reading

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Looking into the Future

Oh that’s where my crystal ball went…I’ve been looking for it for ages.

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The Future of Pensions

Here are 4 futures for pensions. Key takeaway is that the state will most likely move away from pensions provision and so will employers – which leaves things firmly at the feet of individuals, most of whom seem to ignore … Continue reading

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Trends 10 Years On

Not bad!? High resolution download here. BTW, hello brainmail readers. The response to the deletion of brainmail was so heartfelt that I’m seriously considering carrying on in some form here on the blog.

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