Map of Global Mega Trends

Here you go then. Use this link to get to a high resolution version. A3, A1 and rather wonderful AO sized copies on paper are available upon request (no charge except for print, post and a cardbaord tube). See you in the future.

12 thoughts on “Map of Global Mega Trends

  1. hi
    i have a question: what’s the role of “stream of consciousness” in this map? and is this map don’t have time line?

  2. Hey Richard great Job! This is the best trend map i have ever seen! it would be interesting to understand the meaning of all the trends that you spotted into the map

    Best Regards

  3. If I get a chance I’ll post some context, but I can’t do all it’s just too much information!

    There’s a video coming of me discussing he map…..

  4. It is funny that one of the trends is “too much information” – i.e. this map

  5. Hi Richard,can you let me know that when the new “Mega Trends And Technologies” map will be updated?

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