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Sometimes you have to kill your babies

It breaks my heart, but sometimes you just have to kill an idea you’ve been working on for ages. Seems this book idea is dead. But there’ll be another one along shortly…. This book is a gentle plea for a … Continue reading

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The book that never was

Not all of my books make it. This is the introduction from a book that’s been junked…. Introduction “The other day I was thinking, “I just over think things.” And then I thought. “Do I though?” – Demetri Martin, Comedian. … Continue reading

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The Nature of Now

Having had a few ‘off’ days, yesterday proved fruitful writing-wise. I’m starting chapter three, which is essentially about science, and had rather too much fun pondering the nature of existence. Here’s an early snippet… please shout if I’ve got anything … Continue reading

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The new book

Bloody hell. Trying to write chapter three of a new book. Going nowhere, so I’m going to dig a ditch and plant a hedge. BTW, found this on how the use of CGI in movies “has become wearingly dull and … Continue reading

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Future Now

                        I’ve got the go-ahead for a new book, which is a good thing, but every time I write something it happens. This is not supposed to happen. The … Continue reading

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Language Inflation

This is going in the new book. I popped into a pet superstore today to buy copious amounts of dog food. Patiently waiting in line at the checkout, a customer rushed up to the desk and said, in an excited … Continue reading

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New book about the shape of things to come

If you are wondering how my new book is coming along, see the photograph above. I’ve written the preface and started on chapter one, but I keep getting distracted (the latest distraction being the dog who went outside, found a … Continue reading

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The writing is on the wall for my new book

  In the beginning was the word and the word was good. I’ve more or less worked out the structure for my new book (a sequel to Future Files essentially). I’ve also got a great opening sentence, but the name … Continue reading

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Future 50

              I cannot remember if I posted this already, but here’s the final version of the intro from “50 Things.” I’ve also discovered that Google Books have a 29-page sample available for free and … Continue reading

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Future Vision

                          Future Vision was officially launched today in Australia. I blogged the preface a while ago, so here’s a tiny bit more (part of the forward from an … Continue reading

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