Map of Global Mega Trends

Here you go then. Use this link to get to a high resolution version. A3, A1 and rather wonderful AO sized copies on paper are available upon request (no charge except for print, post and a cardbaord tube). See you in the future.

Trends for 2017

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-16-24-58I’m taking to the BBC tomorrow about trends for 2017 and here are my top of my head thoughts. I may develop these on this blog, add to them, remove a few…although they all feature strongly on my new mega-trends map.

Continuance of volatility, confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty
Growth of dystopic sci-fi to counter or at least dilute the above
Growth of the internet of (everyday) things, especially smart sensors and controls
Growth of Augmented Reality and entry into business applications
Emergence of mixed reality (Augmented + virtual + real)
Continuation of cyber-attacks
Growth of nationalism/protectionism and to a degree isolationism
Digital services added to physical products (mirror worlds)
Voice interfaces and conversational computers (e.g. Amazon Echo)
Growth of emotionally aware machines (affective computing – close to the above)
Back-lash against Big Tech