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Spotted at the science Gallery at King’s College, London, this week (open to the public). Map link Book link

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EU referendum result

Identity trumps economics.

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The Future: Have We Been There Before?

            I spent yesterday with the MOD discussing what the world might look like in 2040. There were presentations on Sub-Saharan Africa and South and Central Asia along with an interesting discussion on the role … Continue reading

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Here’s a little taste of the next What’s Next report out soon…. You may not have noticed this but we are becoming increasingly fascinated with the undead. Over the past few years, TV shows and computer games about Zombies have … Continue reading

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The Same Old Fears

If you aren’t nervous enough already, here’s something else to worry about. In December 1929, at the time of the Great American stock market crash, America suddenly fell victim to a pandemic. The disease, called psittacosis, had been known about … Continue reading

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Great Quote

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