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Long-time readers may remember that as well as maps I have a thing for cards. I’ve previously helped to create a set of cards for PWC to help CFOs discuss the distant future and I also created a set, along with Oliver Freeman, for Public Libraries New South Wales in Australia. I also have a set of Oblique Strategies cards from Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt along with various vintage playing game games.

My latest collaboration is with Tech Foresight at Imperial College with whom I’ve created a set of conversation cards aimed at people in R&D, horizon scanners and people engaged in foresight activities. In this instance there are 64 cards from four categories – cities, resources, data and workforce – along with five wildcards or jokers. The point of the pack is again to stimulate discussion about alternative futures. The cards are still in beta and there aren’t may sets around currently, but if you’d like a set they are available at cost, which is £30 plus postage.

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4 Responses to Strategy Conversation Cards

  1. Amanda Holmes says:

    Hi Richard, I’d like to purchase a set of these cards. Please contact me to let me know how.

  2. Richard says:

    Deal me in, if there’s a set I can buy…
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Richard, would love to purchase a physical set of cards if they are available.


  4. Richard says:

    Jonathan – just emailed you. Yes, I have some left. Just need to know what counyry they are being mailed to.

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