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Future Applications of AI

New map from Imperial Tech Foresight.

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What Can’t AI Do?

Earlier this year I gave a friend some young onion plants. He sent me a picture of them recently. Instead of the monsters that they were supposed to grow into they had ended up no larger than spritely spring onions. … Continue reading

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AI Ethics

I’ve almost finished writing my piece on what AI cannot do. In the meantime, I’ve had a thought. The real problem, surely, isn’t making machines behave ethically. The bigger problem is making humans do so.

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Addressing the AI Hype

I’m quite close to completing my piece on what AI cannot do (and possibly never will) , which is partly intended to address the hype and reduce the anxiety about what AI is capable of, especually with regard to future … Continue reading

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Thoughts for the day

In Cambridge, again, yesterday for a workshop on autonomous flight. We somehow got onto autonomous vehicles on the ground and there was a comment from one participant that I think is worth sharing. Essentially, it would be OK to hail … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Alan Watts

This was written in the early 1970s. Not bad eh? It’s from my favourire new website, brainpickings. Only two things worth reading online in my opinion, Brainpickings and Aeon. (OK, maybe The Edge, Slate, Quartz, Medium and Quartz too).

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Quote of the Week

“Someday a computer will give the wrong answer to spare someone’s feelings, and man will have invented artificial intelligence.” – Robert Breault.

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What Can’t AI Do?

This was supposed to be so easy. A quick post on what AI is incapable of doing. Things we might congratulate ourselves about, especially those with an arts degree. Things that might underpin future-proof human employment perhaps. But the more … Continue reading

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Searching for God on Google

Well, OK, it’s on Amazon, but Google planning to connect people with God too.

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Robots Vs. People

I attended a conference on AI at Cambridge University last week and one of the most interesting points was why we were developing robots to look after old people – why not just use people? The answer could be that … Continue reading

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