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Trends for 2012

I’m getting seriously worried about Europe. I think something may happen just before or just after Christmas. I hope I’m wrong. Meantime, here’s a amended list of 2012 trends. I will settle on a final list of ten in a … Continue reading

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2012 Trends

The more I think about 2012 the more I think that there is no observable trend – apart from uncertainty and volatility, which in turn create anxiety. I think it’s more or less true that anything could happen. However, an … Continue reading

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Origin of ‘Talking Heads’ ?

I seem to remember reading once that the band Talking Heads took their name from a movie, a book or perhaps a US government scenario where a highly secret group got together and those individuals that couldn’t make it in … Continue reading

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Libaries – a case for renewal

I met Dr Wendy Schultz a few days ago at a horizon scanning symposium at the MOD. She’s just sent me this, which I rather like. Please note: She wrote this NOT me, so all credit where it’s due. Note … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPhone 4S offers a tantalising glimpse of the future in the form of SIRI, which allows users to use normal conversation to send messages or ask questions. But this is a very basic technology. In a decade or so, … Continue reading

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Moore’s law gone mad

Moore’s Law says computers double their processing ability every 18-24 months, but imagine if this sped up exponentially to every two hours. That is one potential consequence of machines with AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). If computers continue to advance at … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Sussex

So here’s the thing. A while ago I had a big birthday bash at a fancy restaurant, one which I had been to and thoroughly enjoyed a few years earlier. The first problem was jeans. I thought I should check … Continue reading

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The Other Dyson

Still trying to bend my head around some new thinking. Basically I have to write 50 700-800 word essays by Christmas. Yikes. Today it’s medical simulations and gerentology. Still, I’m learning lots and unearthing some great statistics and fantastic quotes. … Continue reading

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