C’mon Aussies C’mon…

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OK, it’s Brisbane, but you have to start somewhere….BTW, bumped into Prof. Susan Greenfield today in London. She’s off to Brisbane tomorrow. Is Brisbane the center of the universe or what?

BTW, here’s a link to ABC Radio’s Future Tense about Digital Vs.Human (about 10 minutes, but worth listening to the other two people too).

Podcast link right here.

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Richard Watson Videos on YouTube etc

Apologies about the dreadful headline to this post, but I needed to put a few things in one place to help people looking for various videos, podcasts and articles, most of which are scattered all over the place.  So here they are a few links with a brief description of each. At the end of the videos I’ve added a handful of other items.  If you can’t find what you are looking for contact me via the contact me page at nowandnext.com


Lego Future City competition (2018)

The future on a single sheet of paper (2017)

The Future of Energy (Adelaide, 2017)

The Future of Ageing Well (Panel, 2017)

Talking to Adam Morgan about my 2017 roadmap of trends and technologies

Some funny AI out-takes (2020)

Clifford Chance Talk about digital culture (2016)

Royal Society of Arts ( 5 trends for the next 50 years)

Royal Society of Arts  (How the digital age is changing our thinking)

TEDx Munich (The Perils of Prediction)

TEDx Lodz  (Thinking Spaces)

Barilla Milan  (2012) (Eating in 2030)

Work Tech 2011 (The future of work)

Communities in Control Conference – Part 1

Communities in Control Conference  – Part 2

Perils of Prediction (short version for NHS)

HBAA Futures Assembly (on the downsides of digital)


ABC Radio ‘Big Ideas’ in conversation about Digital Vs. Human (2016)
Click here

ABC Radio ‘Future Tense’ on my book Digital vs. Human (2016)

ABC Future Tense (On the paperless office)

ABC Radio National  (On Work and lunch  with Geraldine Doogue)

ABC Radio National (Future Files with Philip Adams)

ABC Radio National  (On thinking spaces with Alan Saunders)


Daily Telegraph (UK) – Article about life in the Year 2050

Sun Herald (Aus) – On how digital devices are changing how we behave

Courier Mail (Aus) – Some predictions for 2011 (made January 2011)

Various ‘Fast Company’ (US) about innovation


An interview from Dec 2020. The New Abnormal

Open 4 Business (January 2021)

A weird one. Me in a cheese shop talking about climate, loneliness, humanity, AI and, of course, Trump. (July 2018).


An example of a set of scenarios for the Future of Public Libraries

That’s all folks…well it’s not, but that’s more than enough.