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Technology Trends

You’ve possibly never heard of the Churchill Club, but it’s essentially a forum where interesting and influential people say interesting and important things – hopefully. One thing they also do is an annual tech trends debate. This year was the … Continue reading

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2012 Trend Map

Here’s a rather depressing map for 2012+ I’ll have a web link sorted in a day or so.

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Technology trends & predictions or 2012

Some nice bits in here – from Ajit Jaokar of FutureText (via Gerd Leonhard). Summary 1)   No bandwidth crunch 2)   Decline and fall (and re-birth) of SMS 3)   A compromise on SOPA 4)   Facebook impacts beyond ads 5) and the business model … Continue reading

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2012 Food Trends

Interesting that none of the recent articles and lists on 2012 food trends have mentioned biodynamics, although I have spotted the odd stand alone article. If you’re not familiar with biodynamics it’s roughly the idea that everything is part of a … Continue reading

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Britain in 2012

I was moaning about a lack of 2012 trends material the other day, so it was nice to hear from Dean over at McCann, an advertising agency, in London. Herewith their run down on 2012 trends with a focus on … Continue reading

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Scenarios for Europe & beyond

At last some intelligent musings about 2012 and beyond. This weekend’s FT features a well thought out article by John Authers about what might happen in financial markets in the year ahead. Scenario one is that markets take off once … Continue reading

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New Trends for 2012 (a compilation)

I’ve been spending a while wandering around cyberspace (and a few good newsagents) looking at what other people are saying about 2012 and the most interesting thing is something that’s not there. Overall, there isn’t much good material on 2012 … Continue reading

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Trends for 2012

I’m getting seriously worried about Europe. I think something may happen just before or just after Christmas. I hope I’m wrong. Meantime, here’s a amended list of 2012 trends. I will settle on a final list of ten in a … Continue reading

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2012 Trends

The more I think about 2012 the more I think that there is no observable trend – apart from uncertainty and volatility, which in turn create anxiety. I think it’s more or less true that anything could happen. However, an … Continue reading

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Trends for 2011 still good for 2012

Now that it’s almost 2012, I think it’s about time we revisited my top 10 trends for 2011 that were written in late 2010 and posted in early January. How right have they proven to be? Judge for yourself. Personally … Continue reading

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