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Children and screen use

On the day that a major study has found that using the internet alters our brains, in particular reducing our ability to focus, this article has been published by Dr Aric Sigman in the journal Pediatric Research. Erring on the … Continue reading

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I got an email from the Guardian newspaper yesterday asking if I could write 600 words on bandwidth – by the end of the day. My answer was no – I was moving house in 24-hours (why I’m blogging right … Continue reading

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Here’s a little taste of the next What’s Next report out soon…. You may not have noticed this but we are becoming increasingly fascinated with the undead. Over the past few years, TV shows and computer games about Zombies have … Continue reading

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Future of the Internet

Having recently read The Future of the Internet by Jonathan Zittrain, a Futurist Update link to a post by Lisa Donchak caught my eye this morning. She has identified 3 trends (the three Rs) concerning the future of the internet … Continue reading

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Giving up technology (is difficult)

A study by of 1,000 people by Intersperience, a customer research firm, has found that 53% felt upset when denied access to computers and other devices connected to the internet for a single day. A further 40% found that they … Continue reading

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From the internet to wine and ideas

I was struggling with The Future of the Internet last night (it’s a book) so I returned to Liquid Memory: Why Wine Matters by Jonathan Nossiter. The start of this is tedious, but once he gets going it’s great. I … Continue reading

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War and the Art of Innovation

Few quick snippets plus something longer to ponder… I forgot to say how impressed I was with the Global and Mail whilst in Canada recently. This is a really good newspaper. Couple of interesting thoughts from Tuesday’s edition. Firstly, an … Continue reading

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What if the Internet Disappeared?

What would happen if the internet disappeared tomorrow? Would we really care? They’d be panic initially, of course. But would anything of real substance disappear? People would initially argue that they couldn’t “do anything.” Commerce, democracy and liberty itself would … Continue reading

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