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Enough already

Seems the BBC is now acting like a tabloid newspaper. How about a bit of proper context and analysis. Enough of this scaremongering. Yes it’s a concern that the US and Russia are led by ultra-nationalists and there are far … Continue reading

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Instant stupidity

Really? Anything? In 5 minutes? So string theory then? Quantum physics? Brain surgery? Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason? Joyce’s Ulysses? Gimme a break. This is a key problem with the internet. Information is now essentially free to create and distribute. … Continue reading

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Mega-Map of Global Mega-Trends

Getting there….

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Idea of the month

        This is interesting. Text streaming technology. Not sure if I want to do it, but it’s certainly radical. Interesting implications for libraries, publishing, education and, of course, reading. What is it? The company explains it this … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Personalisation

Is serendipity dead? I think things are moving in that direction. One of the unforseen consequences of digitalisation is that we are able to personalise incoming information. This is great on one level, but on another it allows for people … Continue reading

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Gimme the facts – fast

Are you finding that you no longer have the time to read The Week (the weekly compendium of all the good bits from the world’s best newspapers)? If so I have just the thing for you. Go to Apple’s iTunes … Continue reading

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Media Exposure Over Time

Here’s a slide from a Kaiser Family Foundation report in the US called Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-to-18 Year Olds, (2010). There a link to the report (pdf) in comments.

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Once upon a time you could screen a TV commercial or two in the knowledge that most of the country would see it. Not anymore. The plethora of choices from cable to satellite TV, together with time shifting technologies like … Continue reading

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The rise and rise of screen based communication

By the end of last year (2005) there were in excess of 2 billion mobile phones switched on world-wide. Voice is still the primary source of revenue for telecomm firms but this is changing. We are also slowly changing from … Continue reading

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Social networks

One upon a time (sometime last century) the music industry had a business model. Record companies signed up bands, paid them an advance (against which they offset all expenses – like recording albums) and sold records to adoring fans. Sometimes … Continue reading

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