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The World Waits to Wobble

My joke 3 years ago that the EU might fall apart before Britain had left is starting to look semi-serious. I do believe that the world, especially Europe and the US, is one shock away from a major meltdown. This … Continue reading

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BREXIT Wildcards

A couple of things nobody seems to be thinking about. First, there have been calls for a second EU referendum for a while and the prospect seems more serious with the Labour Party perhaps backing the idea at, or before, … Continue reading

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From Future Files (2006)

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EU referendum result

Identity trumps economics.

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The Future of Europe

I see that the French President, Francois Hollande, has stated that the crisis within Europe is “now over.” Non. These were written on the back on an envelope recently and I’ve made no attempt at driving forces or a matrix, … Continue reading

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