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Blame Culture

We have become used to blame culture, whereaby any mishap, mistake or individual occurence of human stupidity needs to be blamed on someone else. Now we appear to have a new form of blame whereby we are pointing the finger … Continue reading

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Learnt incompetence

Has it really come to this? I’m used to the idea that the UK can’t cope with 0.25cm of snow. But do we now need to be told how to climb stairs? I’ve added a new blog category – real … Continue reading

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Delivery robots

So I saw one of these last night wandering around near London Bridge. I got talking to someone who said that research had shown that some customers didn’t like dealing with people when ordering delivery food. Apparently things can be … Continue reading

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The lost boys

I’m not sure whether this is a purely UK phenomenon but it appears that, in Britain, society has created a lost generation of dissatisfied, disengaged and disaffected young men. Perhaps through parental neglect or stupidity, or external pressure from the … Continue reading

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Growing Up In a Cotton Wool World

If you ask someone old or middle-aged where they most liked to play as a child they will invariably answer that it was somewhere out of sight from adults and their parents. But ask someone young and you don’t generally … Continue reading

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Doom and gloom is a growth industry. Just scan the shelves of your local bookstore and you’ll be assailed by titles such as; Is it just me or is everything sh*t? The Long Emergency: Surviving the converging catastrophes of the … Continue reading

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Psychological neotency

Psycho what? Psychological neotency is a theory developed by Professor Bruce Charlton at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK) that says that the increased level of immaturity among adults is an evolutionary response to increased change and uncertainty. This initially sounds … Continue reading

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US and them

It would obviously be too simplistic to carve up the world between America (and its allies) and the rest of the world, but some people see it that way. So far protest has been limited to street demonstrations and the … Continue reading

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How can you have a list of top trends and innovations without mentioning Apple’s i-Pod somewhere? The i-Pod is an excellent example of all sorts of trends including place shifting, device convergence, Moore’s Law and miniaturisation. However, the most interesting … Continue reading

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They used to say that when the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. These days we all get to see and hear that cold in real time. Everything from countries and computers to industries and gadgets … Continue reading

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