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Future Cities

I seem to be carving out a niche with books about the future for kids. I’ve just contributed to a second, the updated version of A Street Through Time, published by DK £10.99. Works well, I think, alongside the future … Continue reading

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Future of London

I was doing the keynore at this yesterday. Was I the only one that noticed one of the wi-fi networks (second one down)? I’m guessing this is a paintball company or someone pretending to be something they’re not, but quite … Continue reading

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The Future of Cities (a childlike perspective from Lego)

I think I’ve found my intellectual level – under ten-year-olds. Please note that the competition entry link might not appear (nothing to do with me!).

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The Future of Cities

I went to a panel discussion last night about the future of cities. Rather disappointing. The discussion was largely about things that don’t work terribly well (broadband speeds), pinch points and how technology might help. Generally it was about how … Continue reading

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What cities will look like in 1950 (a view from 1925)

A lovely graphic via retronaut.

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Creative Cities

Found this last week… Between 1551 and 1801 the population of London grew from 80,000 to 865,000. This was despite the fact that during this period overall deaths exceeded births in the capital.  This can partly be seen as London … Continue reading

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