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Blame Culture

We have become used to blame culture, whereaby any mishap, mistake or individual occurence of human stupidity needs to be blamed on someone else. Now we appear to have a new form of blame whereby we are pointing the finger … Continue reading

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Stupid Britain

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Human Stupidity

Following my post on declining IQ levels I’m starting a new blog category on observed instances of human stupidity. Here is my entry number 1. Oh, I just noticed, I already have a category called Human Stupidity and I posted … Continue reading

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Are we getting more stupid?

This in today’s newpapers (not the semi-naked torso, the article on IQs, although maybe there’s a link there). I know I’m supposed to only read the old news, but sometimes something creeps in to view. Reminds me of my Mega-trends … Continue reading

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The Search for Intelligence (here on earth)

Never mind artificial intelligence. It’s real human stupidity we should be worried about. Two classic examples of learned incompetence and lowest common denominator thinking.

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