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100 Radical Technologies

A nice companion to the table of disruptive technologies that I created with Imperial Tech Foresight a while back. Thanks to Chris at Nesta (was at Imperial) for alerting me to this. PDF of 100 Radical Innovation Breakthroughs for the … Continue reading

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The Future: Fiction vs. Fact

This is getting ridiculous. I keep making jokes (in print) that come true or at least get seriously discussed. How far-fetched do you now have to make things in order that they remain fiction or speculation? I had the idea … Continue reading

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  这是和帝国理工大学技术预测同行们(尤其是阿莱克斯·阿亚德(Alex Ayad),但是在后期也要特别感谢克里斯·哈利(Chris Haley))共同创作的新型科学和技术时间轴。上面是图表完工时的图片。我们对于是否把“移动电话数量超过人口”列为“当下”讨论了很久,但是电话用户超过69亿人,已经很接近人口总数了。 请点击本段最后的链接,下载适合打印的高分辨率PDF版本(建议用彩色A3或更大纸张打印)。在一周左右时间内,将会有图表的纸质打印版。在本博文底部是一些展示该图表是如何创建的图片,以及图表是如何演进的。新兴科技-5 至于图表上有什么,有5个关键大技术:数字技术(主要是信息技术)、生物技术、纳米技术、神经技术和绿色技术(有时被称为清洁技术)。 我们把图表分成3个时间区域。第一个区域是“当下”,我们定义为现在或附近(2014-2015),同时至少1000个实际例子(事件可能是一次性出现的事,但是创新一般至少要有1000个实际例子才会纳入表中)。“很有可能”是第二个区域,被定义为2015-2030。第三个区域是“有可能”,被定义为从2030年往后可能出现的事。图表的绝大部分都是严肃的,但是我们没能抗拒在一些区域娱乐一下的冲动 希望你们都喜欢它,如果你觉得它有意思或者有用的话,请和他人分享。请注意本时间轴的出版是基于知识共享许可的,所以你可以在未询问情况下将其用于商业目的或者制作不同版本。但是如果使用时能链接回我们的初始版本,我们将感激不尽。 至于每条线上有什么,这里是清单: 绿色技术 当下 廉价太阳能聚集器 绝缘气凝胶建筑 振动能量采集 社区电网 能回应指令的家用电器 LED路灯 电网规模贮存 家庭电厂(冷热电联供系统) 智能仪表 藻类生质燃料 绿色技术 很有可能 超级电容车 消费者即时定价 100%淘汰白炽灯 氢的人工光合作用 合成飞机燃料 周围的射频能量采集 束能量用于生态监测和军事无人机 大规模的碳捕捉和碳贮存 摩天大楼上的透明(有机)太阳能电池 生物可降解电池 自主车辆专用车道 电动车辆路上感应充电 超市合成肉 绿色技术 有可能 行波反应堆 燃料电池驱动的轻型客机 … Continue reading

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Future inventions

                            There’s a new info-graphic coming (via Croatia) very soon…..

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‘Sixth Sense’ Wearable Computers

If you’ve not seen it already check out a TED talk by Pattie Maes from MIT. The device is essentially a wearable projector and computer that allows people to interact with their external environment by projecting related information about things … Continue reading

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Future Inventions

Invisibility cloaks There appear to be two ways of doing this: 1. Optical camouflage — project your surroundings back onto yourself. For example, if a soldier is in a wood the trees could be projected onto every part of your … Continue reading

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Not Invented Here

Got a great letter from Hallmark Consumer Care the other day in response to an idea I sent them a while back. I quote. “Thank you for contacting Hallmark. Although we are honored that you would think of Hallmark, we … Continue reading

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Future Inventions

Invention Probability by 2050* Invisibility cloaks 85% Emotionally aware machines 100% Robotic soldiers 100% Vertical city farms 90% Fully sensory internet 100% Childcare robots 90% Robotic surgery 100% 3D printers 100% Oceanic thermal converter 60% Programmable matter 80% Injections to … Continue reading

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