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Stop spreading the news

Given my ongoing experiments with what I call retrospective reading (i.e. reading ‘news’ when it’s several weeks, if not months, old) I thought this was interesting. I haven’t stopped reading newspapers altogether, but I have certainly cut down very significantly … Continue reading

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The benefits of being a slow reader

I’ve started doing something recently that seems to be having an interesting effect on me. It’s something I’ve started to mention to other people and they seem to be intrigued by it. What’s the thing? I’ve started reading old newspapers … Continue reading

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Is ‘FaceTime’ a good idea?

I was sitting on a train yesterday, reading a newspaper, when I noticed an advertisement for FaceTime video calling on the new iPhone 4. The idea of the videophone has been around for as long as I can remember, for … Continue reading

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Newspaper Statistics (not what you think)

Newspapers are dying right? Wrong. Newspaper circulation grew by 1.3% worldwide in 2008 to almost 540m daily sales. Adding the free daily papers, the circulation increase was 1.62% – or 13% over the previous 5 years. Overall, 1.9 billion people … Continue reading

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Newspaper Strategy

Here are my 5 top tips for struggling newspapers in 2010.   1. Vision. Stop trying to do everything. Have a clear idea of what you are, what you are for and where you are going. Focus on just one … Continue reading

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