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Why trends bend

If one more person had said “Have a magic day” I might have hit them. I’ve been in Hong Kong for a night staying at the Disneyland Hotel. Mickey Mouse in Cantonese and Mandarin is somewhat weird. Anyway, amongst other … Continue reading

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Virgin Atlantic goes from bad to worse

A while ago I was on an 11-hour flight on Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic and my laptop battery was down to 8%. I asked if there was a plug socket in the seat and the attendant said “No”. I … Continue reading

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All the time in the world

Things are speeding up right? You’ve got no time to yourself and it feels like you’re always working. Perhaps not. A couple of economists have studied how people in the US spend their time and the results are shocking. People … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s futures

                    I’ve been at the University of Warwick attending a conference organised by the Society of Chief Librarians. There was a good talk on scenarios by Rafael Ramîrez, a fellow in … Continue reading

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Book of the Week

                The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the digital revolution will create better health care by Eric Topol

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The Future of Remote Healthcare

Will machines will help to cure us or help to kill us in the future. I think the answer is probably a bit of both. First the good news. I was in Poland doing a TEDx talk a while ago and … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end for oil in Saudi

I was talking with someone in Dubai yesterday and they pointed me in the direction of a great statistic, which is that by 2040 Saudi will be a net importer of oil. It’s so good in fact that if you … Continue reading

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Monday Statistic

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, there will be more than 500,000 people in Britain aged 100 + by the year 2066. There are currently just 12, 640 people aged 100 or more (itself a 500% increase on … Continue reading

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The Nature of Consciousness

Following on from my last post about the fabric or reality here’s another in a similar vein. Both are from the cutting room floor in the sense that I’m doing a second (and hopefully final) edit of one of my … Continue reading

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