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Killer Statistic

Between 2010 and 2013, China used more cement than the US used during the whole of the Twentieth Century. Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph, 26.1.19.

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Global Risks (China)

  Interesting news yesterday. The focus was very much on Greece, as you might expect, although what was happening in China was possibly a far bigger story and one that links to something I’ve got on my new risk map … Continue reading

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Some Worrying China Statistics

Some worrying data coming out of China. Electricity output slumped last month, up a mere 0.7% over 2011. State investment in railways is down 44%, road building is down 2.7% and 8 out of the country’s 10 largest ship builders … Continue reading

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Chinese inflation and UK attention

Couple of things from the recent papers. 1. A study in the UK says that the average office worker looks at his/her email at least 30 times every hour. (So what about social networks and texts?) 2. New mothers spend … Continue reading

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