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Robots Vs. People

I attended a conference on AI at Cambridge University last week and one of the most interesting points was why we were developing robots to look after old people – why not just use people? The answer could be that … Continue reading

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Dying alone

The number of paupers’ funerals in London almost doubled between 2013-2016 according to the latest figures. A pauper’s funeral is one in which people die alone or without known relatives and the cost of the funeral is met by the … Continue reading

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Ageing and the NHS

It’s not often that you’re in the car and have to pull over to write something down that you’ve just heard on the radio. A few days ago I did exactly this because someone said that a King’s Fund study … Continue reading

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Demographic shifts

In a village shop. Haven’t seen any cards for 110 yet, but it’s surely just a matter of time.

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Could Death Ever Be The New Sex?

Here’s a weird one – or perhaps not. Back in Victorian times death was a popular subject of conversation. How things have changed. Death is now sanitised and practically invisible, as opposed to sex, which seems to be everywhere. But … Continue reading

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Some impacts of ageing on business

              “Over the next couple of decades nothing will impact OECD countries more profoundly than demographic trends.” Jean-Philippe Cotis, Chief Economist at the OECD. We all know the numbers: People over 65 will grow … Continue reading

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Monday Statistic

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, there will be more than 500,000 people in Britain aged 100 + by the year 2066. There are currently just 12, 640 people aged 100 or more (itself a 500% increase on … Continue reading

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The Ageing Opportunity

I’m often asked what you can practically do with some of these long-term trends like ageing. Well it’s not rocket science. It’s as simple as a good rocket salad. Here’s a great example of leveraging the ageing demographic from the … Continue reading

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