Scenarios for the Future of Africa

A few months ago I did a talk and developed some rough scenarios for the future of fund-raising for a leadership team at Save the Children. Towards the end of the session, the subject of Africa came up and I had to admit that my knowledge and thinking in this area was rather poor. As a result, I was invited back to run a small scenarios workshop with members of the senior leadership team recently, all of whom had deep experience of either living in or working in Africa. The result was some outline scenarios for what the continent might look like in the year 2030.

I am writing up the output from the workshop over the next few weeks and once done this will be discussed by members of the team. Once we have agreement on the scenario matrix I will put some narrative around each and start thinking about the internal scenario logic.

This is a pro-bono project, so if anyone would like to contribute some Africa (or scenario) expertise please get in touch by posting a comment here. Once they are done the scenarios will be public domain and will be published  – certainly here.

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  1. Just spotted in Intelligent Life (The Economist): “For the foreseeable future, the African voice is going to get louder, while the voice of aging Europe quietens.”

  2. Terril says:

    Islamic terrorism

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