On Meetings (and dogs)

Thought for the day: Never go to a meeting wearing a light coloured linen jacket, especially if the night before you’ve put the jacket on the back of a chair and your dog has stolen a whole roast chicken and gets diarrhea, covers himself in poo, which is then sprayed across the back of the jacket when he shakes himself dry.

This isn’t necessarily a problem, unless you fail to notice the small brown marks spread across the back of the jacket. Even this isn’t too bad, unless you go to a meeting wearing the jacket and some helpful person points out to you that there’s mud (“or perhaps it’s cappuccino powder”) sprayed across  your jacket – and smells it to see which it is.

On the plus side I totally forget about my broken front tooth or the four presentations that I’m supposed to have written by Thursday night.

Statistic for the day: Americans represent 4.5% of the world’s population, but buy 33% of the worlds insurance (Atlantic Monthly).

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