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Deep Fakes Deep Trouble?

Something I’ve written about Deep Fakes for the Metro newspaper

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Searching for God on Google

Well, OK, it’s on Amazon, but Google planning to connect people with God too.

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Lost Einsteins

Funny how two words can be so powerful. An article in the New York Times about a Stanford study looking at what influences potential Einsteins. This graph below concerns income, other graphs look at race and gender. Thanks for Chris … Continue reading

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Robots Vs. People

I attended a conference on AI at Cambridge University last week and one of the most interesting points was why we were developing robots to look after old people – why not just use people? The answer could be that … Continue reading

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OK, how about this one? (same publication)

Is this just a little bit let

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Slight contradiction?

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand. The word luxury comes from the latin luxus, meaning excess and the latin luxuria, meaning rank or offensive. You cannot work for a luxury brand and be an eco-activist.

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New Map

This is how they start….

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Peak Blog Post

After 15 years I think I may have reached peak posting. I’m running out of puff. If I regain some puff I’ll let you know, but in the meantime here’s another circled sentence from a random publication.

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What can’t computers do?

Are you worried that your job could be ravaged by a robot or consumed by a computer? You probably should be judging by a study by Oxford University, which said that up to half of jobs in some countries could … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

In the future people will insure their memories.

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