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My kinda sign

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Weak Signal?

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AI 101

There’s a huge amount of nonsense out there about AI. This is a great intro on what’s going on and what’s not. I’ll post some more if I find more worth watching.

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Something a little different…

Something a little different today. I don’t think the comment under this saying “nice vid” quite captures it. More like stunned silence for 6 minutes. While I’m at it…

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Cafes as Hubs of Disruption

From the New Yorker, What cafes did for liberalism, by Adam Gopnik (December 2018). Article here right here. Thanks to Simon, over in Sydney, for this little gem.

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They don’t make posters like this these days

Film screening at the Royal College of Art next week….

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Why the long face?

How are you? How’s life? In 2015, a YouGov survey found that 65% of the British (and a whopping 81% of the French) thought that the world was getting worse.  But it’s not, it’s been getting better for decades. On … Continue reading

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Robots that read bedtime stories

I thought that ‘executive summary’ nursery rhymes, for time-pressed parents to read to their children, were bad enough. I think this might be worse. Not only are we removing human interaction, we are allowing Big Tech to listen in on … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

We haven’t had any numbers for a while, so here’s a killer stat… Between 2010 and 2013, China used more cement than the US used during the whole of the Twentieth Century – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph (UK), 26.1.19.

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The Future of Universities

Something I’ve written for the Future Universites Thought Book in Australia. Free e-copies and hard copies can be found on this link. What is the purpose of a university? What should they seek to encourage? You might think that universities, … Continue reading

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