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Digital technology and carbon emissions

I was at the Web Summit last week in Lisbon. I’ve never seen quite so many black North Face rucksacks in one place, although black faces were almost totally absent. OK, there was some refreshing energy and optimism, but also … Continue reading

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T-Shirt of the Week

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The Future of Space

Here’s the link to PDF of the space map.

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What might we eventually see in space?

Here’s a visual showing some of the things that might theoretically be possible in the distant future. Note that all the ideas listed here are possible from a laws of physics point of view, although the engineering challenges and costs … Continue reading

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The Future of Space

More on this tomorrow, hopefully, along with a printable PDF.

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Time to bring brainmail back?

Here’s something I’ve discovered. Many things move up and down and in some cases round and round. Therefore, if you have an idea that’s off-trend, or against conventional wisdom, the best thing to do in some instances is simply wait. … Continue reading

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How not to measure a human life

You might think that the cost of suicide, especially the cost to work, might be the last thing people would be thinking about.

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You learn what you love

I may have posted this before (I’m getting old and forgetful). From the New York Times

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The continued deletion of people

I know I’m not supposed to be reading newspapers, but when I find one left on a train I sometimes flick through. Anyway, I’m getting increasing concerned by the removal of people. First it was the supermarket (and what a … Continue reading

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Boredom for beginners

Writing in the Washington Post, Brigid Schulte, a time-use researcher and author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time, quotes an article in a 1959 edition of the Harvard Business Review saying that: “boredom, which … Continue reading

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