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Bye Bye Banks?

I found this online. Six Banking services that will disappear in the future. All highly questionable in my view. Would help if the article attached predicted expiry dates. 1. Bank branches and bank tellers No. According to McKinsey, between 32% … Continue reading

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The Death of Imaginary Friends

I haven’t been very active recrently, largely because I’ve been thinking. But this is too good to resist. A survey by a face-paint company (you read that correctly) says that there has been a sharp drop in imaginary friends over … Continue reading

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The re-invention of public libraries

It’s funny. The moment someone declares something as dead, chances are that whatever it is (vinyl records, fountain pens, paper books, watches, dumb-phones, bespoke tailoring, cinema, polaroid cameras, postcards, beer, butter, cider, cycling, Russia …) it reappears, often with renewed … Continue reading

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Things we no longer do (really?)

I’m researching a new info-graphic on dead technologies and came across this list of things we supposedly don’t do anymore. I don’t know about you, but I still do quite a few things on this list (exactly half actually), but … Continue reading

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