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Virtual chemistry

  I totally love this! I know I’m supposed to be posting the new version of the money chapter but I’m afraid that this is too good to ignore. I’m not usually a fan of things like this, as some … Continue reading

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Solitude and thinking

“ In solitude you don’t need to make an impression on the world, so the world has some opportunity to make an impression on you.” I do like this quote, from a collection of stories exulting in solitude. The book … Continue reading

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Slow thinking: Getting all steamed up about ideas.

Now here’s an interesting thing. I was at Imperial College today trying to figure out how to graphically represent the future of supercomputing. I had dozens of ideas but all were clichéd and none were any good. So I decided … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more women futurists?

Nice article in the Atlantic concerning why there aren’t more women futurists. Personally I think the problem is that in the early years ‘futurology’ – or whatever f-word you care to use (and I can think of a few) dropped … Continue reading

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Show me the money

Pretty much done with the re-write of my chapter on money. Just left to to print it off on paper and read it through with a glass of red wine in hand (yes, I know about the quote about write … Continue reading

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Show me the money – update

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I may have cracked this. Firstly I’ve changed the chapter title from Money & Economy to Economy & Money. This won’t sound like much to people, but it now makes sense of … Continue reading

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