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2012 Food Trends

Interesting that none of the recent articles and lists on 2012 food trends have mentioned biodynamics, although I have spotted the odd stand alone article. If you’re not familiar with biodynamics it’s roughly the idea that everything is part of a … Continue reading

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Britain in 2012

I was moaning about a lack of 2012 trends material the other day, so it was nice to hear from Dean over at McCann, an advertising agency, in London. Herewith their run down on 2012 trends with a focus on … Continue reading

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The World in the Year 2020

What will life be like in the year 2020? It’s sounds a long way off but it’s not, so it should be fairly easy to make a series of educated guesses. One of the largest discernable differences could be climate. … Continue reading

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Can’t think of a title

That was interesting. Just been in Switzerland, which turns out to be my 20th country in 18 months. Full of Russians! Lots of private bank ads and watch ads too (are the three things connected?). Trains a delight. Exchange rate … Continue reading

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Kissing banned in England

I’ve been looking at various food timelines and for some reason this little gem appeared on one of them. Is it true I wonder? In 1439, in an effort to stop the spread of disease, kissing was banned in England.

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Scenarios for Europe & beyond

At last some intelligent musings about 2012 and beyond. This weekend’s FT features a well thought out article by John Authers about what might happen in financial markets in the year ahead. Scenario one is that markets take off once … Continue reading

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