The Last Post

I’ve given up thinking about the future. For a while.

On the one hand I’m being swamped by so much incoming information that I can’t think straight. On the other hand the present has become so weird and intense (Tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns, the Middle East etc) that thinking about the future seems rather pointless.

Hence I’m turning off the tap. I’m not going to read anything except books for a month. This means no newspapers and no magazines. And, if I can pull it off, no TV or internet. I won’t be blogging for a while either.

Something resembling normality will resume in a month or so when the dust has settled and the view of what lies ahead has hopefully improved.

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3 Responses to The Last Post

  1. What if the future from now on will be “weird and intense” and normality won’t return?

  2. Richard Watson says:

    So can I answer this? I think I should be allowed to just for today. No comments after that. It’s a fair point. Perhaps weird and intense is the new normal, in which case I may go and study history instead.

  3. Lee Cowherd says:

    Richard – I just stumbled across your blog. I haven’t had time to really dig in, but I’m also fascinated by the future. I’ve (very) recently started blogging my thoughts and I’m looking for those who have trod this path ahead of me.

    I’m sorry you won’t be posting new content, but you can bet I’ll be reading what you’ve already posted for some time!


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