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In-home delivery

I was eating (or attempting to) in a restaurant in London recently and the food took ages to arrive. Why? Because the kitchen kept cooking things for Uber Eat delivery drivers to collect, which seemed to take priority over the … Continue reading

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Retail Trends

In my new book Digital Vs. Human (buy here) I featured a ‘future flash’ about a new kind of store. Seems someone has beaten me to it. Here’s my fictional flash… 1 June 2020 I’ve been thinking about shops, partly … Continue reading

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Amazon Dash

Worth a look (although what we really want is the whole house wired up so you can talk to your house – and not mislay yet another tiny device). Watch the Youtube video.

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Some thoughts on retail

I was asked recently to briefly say something about IT, retail, humans and the future. The first two are easy. The last two less so. What do we mean by future? I met a science fiction writer called Lavie Tidhar … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Interesting, as always, to see the latest batch of data from the UKs Office of National Statistics (ONS). Apparently, back in 1957, food and clothing took up almost 50% of average household income, whereas nowadays it consumes just 25%. Astonishingly, … Continue reading

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Retail scenarios for 2022

I’m doing something thinking about what lies ahead with some people that run shopping malls in South Africa and I’ve been trawling around for information on ‘retail futures’. Below is an edited version of some thinking done by Forum for … Continue reading

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How We Now Shop

The future of retail is seemingly not what it used to be. A few years ago we were talking about trendy new terms such as premiumisation, masstigue, transumerism, pop-up retail and third spaces. We were also witnessing the emergence of … Continue reading

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Top retail trends

I can’t believe that I’m reading Supply Chain Digest but it’s the day before Easter and I’ve got nothing better to do. Aaaanyway, a story about seven key retail trends as identified by the CEO of Tesco speaking at the … Continue reading

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Blurring and convergence

One of the key drivers of global change is the convergence of technologies. This is, in turn, driving the convergence of products and ultimately services. Meanwhile, over in business (and especially retail), we are experiencing a blurring of industries and … Continue reading

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By 2015 the middle class will have disappeared in most developed countries taking mid-price retailers with them (or is it the working class that will disappear?). Whichever it is, most consumer markets are already polarising between economy and premium sectors … Continue reading

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