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What’s most valuable to you?

Here’s a blog bonus for Saturday. If you house was burning down and you could only take what you could carry, what would it be? I think this question should be part of every employers standard testing technique… Found out … Continue reading

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The Last Post

I’ve given up thinking about the future. For a while. On the one hand I’m being swamped by so much incoming information that I can’t think straight. On the other hand the present has become so weird and intense (Tsunamis, … Continue reading

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Tween blogging

I’ve been reading about tweens setting up blogs and about one blog about politics set up by someone called Maelo Manning, aged eleven. I know. That’s exactly what I thought. How can anyone aged eleven be in a position to … Continue reading

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Future blogs

I was thinking that I should add ‘serendipity’ to my extinction timeline when I stumbled upon a great blog about the future by accident. I was looking for a precise definition of Horizon 1, 2 & 3 innovations when I … Continue reading

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