Digital Dad

I’ve been in Spain eating ham and drinking sherry (yes it was work). Not much to report except to confirm that the most interesting conversations at conferences do indeed happen in the bar afterwards. Tuesday night it was a discussion about kids and the excessive use digital technology (conclusion: if your child is addicted it’s your fault for not offering them alternatives, for example offering to go outside and kick a ball around with them*).

Wednesday night it was biological metaphors for innovation and the future of the Middle East (conclusion: metaphors are really useful for innovation and nobody has the slightest idea about the Middle East, including the people in the bar from Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, UAE and Lebanon).

*Within 10-20-seconds of writing this line my son shouted: “Dad, do you want to play table football?” My instant response was: “Can you wait five minutes I’m doing something on the computer?” Then it occurred to me that I was being a massive hypocrite. I lost 3 games to 2.

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