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Thinking Spaces

This from my new book, the responses of 999 people to the question: “Where and when do you do your best thinking? The Top Ten most frequent answers (ranked 1-10 in descending order) 1. When I’m alone 2. Last thing … Continue reading

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The Myth of Precision

Accountability has created a myth of precision. This is the idea that there is always a right answer and that one can measure results precisely. This idea is fine in science but it is spreading into business and now our … Continue reading

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Return to Real?

Two things on my mind. One. What are the Nescafe ads all about? Are they responding to something or are they trying to start something? I have been talking about a return to real for some time. Is this an … Continue reading

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How Minds are Different to Machines

OK all you egg heads out there. What’s wrong with this list? Ten ways that our minds are currently different to our machines 1. The basis of human intelligence is experience and is based on sensory awareness of information coming … Continue reading

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Best Ideas

Research by BMRB for the East of England Development Agency says that our brains are at their most creative when they’re not in the office or working on a specific problem. 23% of men and 37% of women have their … Continue reading

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A Slow (& Weird) Day at the Office

I was watching a documentary on William Gibson recently and there was a great bit where a friend of his sent him a fax (it was an old documentary) with a newspaper cutting saying that the daughter of Elvis (the … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

I’m still manic trying to get the new book finished for Monday but things are slowly calming down. Issue 25 of What’s Next should be done on a couple of weeks and then brainmail can resume normal service. In the … Continue reading

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Future Files (e-Book Version)

My book is now available in Aus/NZ as an ebook. The link is below and is also posted in comments below. For UK/US readers you can also find a Kindle version on Amazon.

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Best sources for trends and futures thinking

I keep getting asked about good sources for trends and futures thinking so here’s a little list (actually not that little). BTW, this is very anglo-centric, but so am I. Newspapers Financial Times (Weekend edition) New York Times The Guardian … Continue reading

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Trends to Watch – Information Pandemics

The phrase “community of anxiety” was coined in 2004 by the writer Ian McEwan in Saturday, a novel about the events surrounding the Iraq war. A similar idea is information pandemics. Both ideas describe the way that fear and anxiety … Continue reading

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