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The right not to be seen

If you are wondering why privacy matters, here’s a great summary by Daniel Solove, A Professor at GW Law School. I hope he won’t mind me copying this here. 1. Limit on Power Privacy is a limit on government power, … Continue reading

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Delete Facebook

The response from Facebook (or rather the complete lack of a response) in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal is woeful. Only one thing to do. This btw, is from the Guardian and pretty much sums up Zuck’s attitude don’t … Continue reading

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An answer to everything?

I’ve just been in San Jose and my head is still in bit of a spin for a number of reasons (one of which is that I essentially went for a day from London). Anyway, on the way over I … Continue reading

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The on-demand economy

Two interesting conversations last week. The first concerned generational attitudes to privacy. A friend was considering putting their home on Airbnb. His daughter (22) thought it was a great idea. His wife (40 something) was horrified. It exposed differing attitudes … Continue reading

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The Future of Privacy

We are currently living in the Technolithic, an age that forms part of the most significant revolution since the agricultural and industrial eras. The Technolithic is part of the information age, but what we are now creating is perhaps not … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg’s Law

The amount of personal information people are prepared to reveal about themselves – in return for commercial gain or social status – will double every eighteen months. Just made that up based upon Mark Zuckerberg’s comment that every year people … Continue reading

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Surveillance society

This is brilliant. There are now 32 CCTV cameras within 200 yards of the building in which George Orwell wrote “1984.” * But even if we remove these fixed camerasĀ  there’s still the fact that 4 billion people are roaming … Continue reading

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