Future Inventions

Invention Probability by 2050*

Invisibility cloaks 85%
Emotionally aware machines 100%
Robotic soldiers 100%
Vertical city farms 90%
Fully sensory internet 100%
Childcare robots 90%
Robotic surgery 100%
3D printers 100%
Oceanic thermal converter 60%
Programmable matter 80%
Injections to treat addictions 100%
150 GB memory sticks 90%
Mobile phone implants 50%
Wireless speakers 95%
Everlasting chewing gum 5%
Everlasting gob stoppers 10%
Downloadable dreams 2%
GPS shoes 99%
Artificial eyes 99%
Body part farms 50%
Non-melting ice 10%
Transatlantic tunnel 5%
Implantable sense of humour 0%
Video wallpaper 70%
Virtual reality windows 60%
Fully sensory Internet 100%
Sleep hotels 100%
Just in time food shopping 100%
Powered exoskeletons 100%
Silent villages 60%
Quiet paint 80%
Spray on surgical gloves 20%
Disposable cardboard phones 70%
Wireless recharging 100%
Keyless home entry 100%
Digital wallets 100%
Self-repairing paint 100%
Real time road pricing 100%
Self-parking cars 90%
Single global currency 60%
Shy shields 10%
Flying Cars 1%
Oceanic mirrors 2%
Plastic bones 85%
Plastic bridges 75%
Face transplants 90%
Memory pills 25%
Artificial hearts 80%
Aerosol dirt 10%
Face recognition doors 100%
Plastic teeth 80%
Plastic planes 40%
Space Tourism 100%
Moon colony 70%
Space elevators 10%
Lists of inventions for 2100 100%

* Mainstream availability



34 thoughts on “Future Inventions

  1. Many of these in this list marked as 100% i highly doubt will be availible to mainstream population, just rich people.

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  4. some of those inventions already exist, like the wireless recharging, and wireless speakers. For wireless recharging there is a small pad that you place your electronic that you want to be charged, and it charges it. Wireless speakers, which im not exactly sure what you mean, whether your talking about just having the speaker wireless, which they already have with batteries, or having the electronic your using (like an ipod) playing music through the speaker without being connected, which they also already have, by using bluetooth technology

  5. This is a pretty silly list, most of this has already been invented, my company makes one of the things listed here with less than 100% chance.

  6. Pretty funny list. Some of the things on this list already are invented, some will never need to be invented, some are impossible, but most are just plain stupid.

  7. Why are people saying you doubt this list? Think of people like in the 1800s. They probably never dreamed of the things we have now. Nothing is impossible! 😀

  8. half of these will only be available to mad scientists and secret milatry bases like area 51.

  9. I used to laugh at that shoe “get smart” with maxwell with his shoe phone
    yehhh as is we would carry a “mobile phone” where would the wires go?????

  10. They already have some of the things marked as less than 100%. Invisibility cloaks, artificial eyes, 3D printing, self parking/flying cars, face recognition doors, and they’ve already announced space tourism.

    They also have bio printing, something not mentioned here.

  11. The fact that if you watch James Mays’ …………………. There are many of these types of thing only with demonstrations and they actually work (occasionally).

  12. Maybe an interesting thing to do would be to segment the list by those things that still haven’t happened, things that exist but are not in mainstream use (e.g.flying cars!) and things that are now commonplace?


  13. Flying cars exist already. Even when this list was made, I don’t understand why flying cars were only 1%. We have airplanes. Why not flying cars?

  14. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    but you people are sometimes nuts moon tourisum cardboard phones everlasting chewing gum stupid

  15. Wow! this list is cool 🙂 and this list was made in 2008 and now it’s 2012 about to be 2013!! half of this stuff already exist, the rest of the things on this list will probably “try” to get made.. 🙂

  16. There is a new list of future inventions (illustrated) coming out very soon – April 2014 – at toptrends.nowandnext.com


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  18. Some of those are already invented like wireless speaker,voicecodes particularly in cars and phones,wireless electric fan, ive seen it controlles via bluetooth.

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