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You’ve possibly never heard of the Churchill Club, but it’s essentially a forum where interesting and influential people say interesting and important things – hopefully. One thing they also do is an annual tech trends debate. This year was the 14th and went something like this:

The people:
Kevin Efrusy, Accel Partners
Bing Gordon, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners; Executive Chairman and Co-founder, LinkedIn
Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Peter Thiel, Technology entrepreneur, investor and President, Clarium Capital

The brief:
5 panelists are asked to come up with 2 tech trends that are:
1) Not obvious today
2) Will create explosive growth in about five years time

The 10 Trends:
Trend 1. Radical Globalisation of Social Commerce
(Kevin Efrusy)

Trend 2. Zero Marginal Cost Education
(Bing Gordon)

Trend 3. Massive Sensors and Data
(Reid Hoffman)

Trend 4. All Vehicles Go Electric
(Steve Jurvetson)

Trend 5. A Shift Toward Technocracy: Doing More with Less
(Peter Thiel)

Trend 6. It’s Just the Venture Cycle
(Kevin Efrusy)

Trend 7. Gamification of Everything
(Bing Gordon)

Trend 8. The New Hardware: Bits to Atoms
(Reid Hoffman)

Trend 9. Moore’s Law Accelerates Beyond Silicon
(Steve Jurvetson)

Trend 10. The Beginnings of Bioinformatics; Intelligent Design Over Random Drug Discovery
(Peter Thiel)

If you want to read about each of the trends in detail go here…

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