America a non-white country by 2050

I remember reading a statistic ages ago saying that by the year 2020, more than half of US children will be non-white (NPR) and another saying that by around 2050, the historical white majority in the US will be a minority (Guardian). If you add to this US history, the decline of the US as a global power and lots of guns things could take a nasty turn.

In this vein, a few images lifted from tweets by my favourite geo-political commentator, Ian Bremmer. As he says, worth watching.

2 thoughts on “America a non-white country by 2050

  1. A “non-white country”? As a bad thing? I’m a native Californian, and California has been all-minority (no ethnic majority) for quite a few years now. That’s good for California, and it will be good for the U.S.

  2. To be clear, neither good nor bad, just worrying if you fear an ultra-right backlash. I think diversity in a population is a very good thing, but when racism is under the surface and a majority becomes a minority there might be trouble. This doesn’t just apply to the US btw.

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