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2014 Trends

                  Facebook Fatigue If someone came up to you on the street and asked you for personal information would you give it to them? And what if they asked about your daily … Continue reading

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2014 Trends

              Political populism Fed up with corrupt politicians, out dated and unfair candidate selection methods and unpopular economic policies, people across the world are becoming more distrustful than ever of professional politicians. Within Europe, … Continue reading

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Trends for 2014

  Self-Monitoring Self-monitoring (or self-tracking) links to big data, life logging and the quantified self movement. The trend started in the US, with sports and fitness fanatics using wearable sensors to measure things such as how far they’d run, but … Continue reading

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2014 Key Trends

  Big Data Big Data is going to be big in 2014. The idea is hardly new, but investments are growing alongside understanding and as a result I’d expect traction to kick in this year. Big data, which is linked … Continue reading

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Top Trends for 2014

                1. Real & Raw Digitalisation and virtualisation, and the resultant dizziness and remoteness of everyday life, are creating a growing interest in things that are local, slow, real and raw. The localisation, … Continue reading

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Trends for 2014

Here’s my list of trends for 2014. Detail on each to follow each day starting tomorrow. 1. Real & Raw 2. Big Data 3. Self-Tracking 4. Populism 5. Social Cynicism

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Quote of the Week

“Real concern for the future is always more persuasive in those who have a genuine feeling for the past.” – Nicholas Penny (Director of the National Gallery in London) quoted in the Financial Times.

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Travel and Holiday Innovations

  10 holiday ideas for the future 1. Your mobile is your passport It’s also your boarding pass, immigration forms etc. 2. Suncream for oldies There is sun cream for all skin types, sun conditions and even babies. Why not … Continue reading

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Future of Travel (10)

Key Trends for the Future of Travel & Holidays 1. Mobile me In future everyone’s life will be carried in the palm of the hand. Access to information will define you and personal technology will be an ever-present companion – … Continue reading

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