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“Hell is other people” (Jean-Paul Sartre)

                        I was going to save this for my Web Sight (sic) of the month in my brainmail newsletter, but it’s just too (LOL) good to wait. Sent in … Continue reading

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Slowing down

We’ll that’s a first. A computer telling me to slow down… Is this a weak signal? I did a talk in Belgium a while back (yes, some of them are still talking to me after I put their country on … Continue reading

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Switching off

                  Seems that the world has finally caught up with the idea that we are becoming too connected and that a little disconnection from time to time would be a good thing. … Continue reading

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Voluntary simplicity

        One from Lynda – my eye in the electronic sky. So is this video just a nice tune or an outlier?

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