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Almost map season so I’m looking for … a chemist. I want to do a map based on the periodic table and I need to talk to someone about this. Are there any chemists in London or close by? (Oxford could be good). I’ve read a book called Periodic Tales but I still need to probe an actual person. I’ll buy you/them a good lunch or dinner in exchange for a conversation.

So, today. Seems that 47% of Americans pay to income tax (Mitt Romney – make of it or him what you will) and neither do 90% of Scots. Interesting how the publication of these and other figures illustrate not only a shift to the right but more significantly a move away from the idea of welfare. Seems that goodwill towards others doesn’t apply during hard times (precisely the time you need it).

Other news? This short film about life in 2023 just in from Gordon in Melbourne (thanks mate).

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