The Future of Football

Who will host the next world cup? At risk of being issued with ridicule and red cards here are some long bets.

2018 – Russia
2022 – USA
2026 – China

3 thoughts on “The Future of Football

  1. You were right about Russia, and most probably will be right about China. 2022 will be Qatar -perhaps you should have discovered the pattern (and trend) here: it goes to where the most money is promised to be spent 😉

  2. Yes, it’s where the money is but also market growth opportunities for football. US is tricky but China is certain I’d say. As for Russia both of the above apply. As for Putin’s no show in Zurich people don’t get how smart he is. He played a very clever game.

  3. Two more thoughts.

    1. If England didn’t like the process why did they bid?
    2. The decision would, I imagine, be made on the basis of ‘market growth’. The UK is a mature football market. Russia is not. And the more growth you get, the more money FIFA gets to control.

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