Should I Be On Twitter?

Just got an offer from a publisher in Sofia for a Bulgarian edition of Future Files. Meanwhile, working on a timeline of failed predictions for Fast Company magazine. Only problem is I can’t find anything wrong or silly from the 1500s. Anyone?

The other thing I’ve been wrestling with is my monthly brainmail newsletter, which is no longer monthly. I’m now so behind it’s ridiculous. So here’s my thinking.

Why not focus brainmail on statistics and put the smaller stories, quotes, books, interesting websites and so on onto my blog? That way people can comment and the whole thing becomes interactive. There’s also the thought that the statistics shouldn’t be on brainmail either but should be on Twitter. That’s tricky.

On the one hand people like Wayde Bull are telling me that they are “finding it an increasingly useful way of sourcing links to interesting planning content.” He goes on “Dare I say you’d find a heap of trends content buyers worldwide up for following your tweets.  Let’s face it, Twitter is the land of the one-liner and you’re terribly good at summarising big trends in that way.”

Yes, but after all I’ve said? The real problem though is that I’d be creating a machine that would need to be fed. I tried it once but it became too much. There’s also the issue of search. If I need to find something on the blog is easy to find, especially if I’ve tagged it. I’m not convinced that Twitter is as user-friendly from that point of view. On the other hand I could easily solve my problem with the 1500s.

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