Climate change

65.jpgApart from the odd expert (and let’s face it, experts can be very odd), most intelligent people would accept that something is happening to the world’s weather. The only question is what. Some people say it’s going to get colder and wetter while others say it’s going to get hotter and drier. Let’s just say things are changing. After all, what is ‘normal’ weather depends entirely on how far back you want to go. Oh, and by the way, how arrogant of the human species to think that we have a right to exist forever. Maybe our time is simply coming to an end? BTW, I know this totally contradicts what I’ve said about Malthusians, who argue that the earth is overpopulated and the only solution is a radical reduction of the human population. My view on that argument was that it was speciesism. But I’m full of contradictions.

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