Reinvention of public transport

83.jpgIt would seem logical that as roads (and parking spaces) fill up there would be a growth in public and mass transport. However, the car is so linked to ideas of individualism, freedom, private space and personal identity that we are unlikely to give up private car ownership in the short term. For example, in the UK 70% of people still drive to work. In theory high oil prices should put people off, but that’s what people said twenty years ago. From a sustainability point of view, the future must see the re-invention of public transport on a mass scale, but people will not embrace the idea until governments start thinking long term and build networks that are safe, clean, convenient and affordable. And a good start might be for politicians and business leaders to actually start using public transport themselves.

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  1. Amber says:

    It would be a good thing if a lot of people would make use of public transport. It might be inconvenient for some though specially to those who are always in a rush. But seeing the public officials try out these public transports, I think it would really be pretty interesting. It is a good way to show that they are really reaching out to the public.

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